The Champs Elysses, A magnificent piece of architecture and heritage, This is the traditional finishing spot for the greatest bike race on earth, Le Tour de France. The NCM Le Tour de France has been inspired by the classic designs of Paris and is perfectly designed for riding through the cobbles village roads of France, through to the local bakery. This E-bike is designed with a tough aluminium frame, and an adjustable handlebar/stem setup, with a sprung seat for improved comfort. The low top tube, makes the bike sturdy and strong yet comfortable and easy to mount.

Key Features


  • Ergonomic bicycle Grips
  • Comfortable sitting posture
  • All important controls easily accessible 
  • Supplied with 36V to deliver a high output power
  • over 324Wh capacity for a longer distance
  • reach up to 80 km (depending on the conditions)
  • easily removable battery so you can charge it anywhere
  • A built-in USB port with 5V to charge mobile phones

NCM Le Tour De France Trekking Bike, E-Bike, E-Treking, 250W, 36V 9Ah 324W [Blac