In our business to business model, we get bikes serviced with a discount depending on the number of bikes the partner bring to us weekly. It means, the higher is the number of bikes to be serviced, the higher the discount is. On top of that, check our price table at the full prices below. 


In our crew, we have Yuri (Chief Mechanic/owner) who’s an electrical engineer and has spent many years servicing Electric bikes. He is easily one of the top electrical mechanics in Sydney.


A particular upside of bringing your bicycles to Bondi Bike Shop is that we are able to get most of the jobs done STRAIGHT AWAY. So your customer doesn’t need to wait too long to have their bikes back on the road. Remember, time is money in our customer's pockets. So it's in yours.


Our shop is based in Bondi, right in front of Waverley Park. This adds to your business another location for your customers who live around this area to do maintenance without having to travel too far away (such as having to go to the CBD or other shops far away).


To get more information about the discounts, terms and conditions, fill out the formulary below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Also, if you have any other sort of partnership in mind, let us know so that we can try to work together in this too.